map of jammu and kashmir

General ramblings from Breswana (shown by the green dot on the map), a tiny village in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir, India where I am volunteering for a few months at Haji Public School. More about the school can be found on their website or Facebook page and if at any point you have a few months to spare, definitely apply to volunteer!

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  1. Dear definite reacher

    Wow, you are a remarkable young woman. I learnt about your volunteerism through my husband who is currently sitting in itekaaf with your dad. After a gazillion (as you would say) attempts in trying to get the blog name right, I finally succeeded this Sunday morning. You certainly are fasting loooong hours, It’s almost over though. And yes, Allah is with you and closer to us than we can imagine.

    I am also a teacher, been tormenting kids for the past 14 years! After having read three cups of tea a few years ago, that narrative comes to life (no roads, donkeys to carry goods etc) as I read your blog and see the pics.

    How did you link up with the HPS?

    P.S: Sshhh, this is my first time blogging, I have to sort out my whatyoucallit…blog spot. Real junglee hey?

  2. Saf 🙂 just read all your posts!
    You seem to be having an amazing time- I’m jealous!
    Did you weigh yourself before you left? ur looking a bit thinner 😛
    keep blogging!
    eid mubarak

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